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Fact-Checking policy

Fact–Checking Policy

Fact-Checking Policy : 

Introduction : The aim of is to provide accurate and credible information. We confront the challenges of verifying news and strive to provide you with information marked by accuracy and transparency. Through this fact-checking policy, we articulate our approach to fact verification with our readers.
Fact-Checking Process

1.Source Verification : We prioritize the verification of critical sources to confirm the authenticity of news and information.

2.Fact-Checking Team : We maintain a fact-checking team that reviews news and information, completing the fact-checking process.

3.Levels of Verification : We employ various levels of verification for news, including desk verification, source verification, and technical verification.

Verification Accountability : Despite our fact-checking process, errors may occur. Therefore, we encourage our readers to verify news from their end and conduct self-verification.

Error Correction : If our readers believe that we have made an error, we welcome their suggestions and feedback, and encourage them to collaborate with us to rectify it. We are committed to adhering to quality and transparency standards.

SOCIAL MEDIA : If the article was posted on Facebook, Twitter or any other online medium controlled by The, a post will be made linking to the corrected article, noting the correction.

Once the correction is made, the editor-in-chief will contact the reader who submitted the correction and inform them the steps that were taken to correct the error.


Contact : If you have any questions about our fact-checking policy, please contact us at:

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